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Our Story

“The whole reason to live on the road is to have a happy life full of adventure and travel and we thought well if we could find a way to alleviate that frustration through teaching others what we know, that would be a good thing to do”

- Craig & Susan (Founder of Cruz RV)

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In 2019 Craig and Susan Were doing the daily grind living in a house paying rent going to work coming home etc. We considered entering back into the property market but at that stage the price of Real Estate was just out of control.

So we crunched the numbers and decided that we would be far better off to live in a motorhome and enjoy the freedom of being able to pack up and move whenever we wanted to.

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So we donated all of our furniture to the homeless hub and purchased our motorhome which is a 1983 Denning coach that had been converted into a motorhome.

We continued working our day jobs just as normal and for the next two years we lived on the road full time doing extended stays in caravan parks on the south coast New South Wales.

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In April 2021 we decided to quit our jobs and create the business CRUZ RV.
In the beginning all we knew was that we wanted to share our knowledge of motorhomes and their systems such as:

12 V systems

Black water tank systems

Grey water tank systems

Potable water tank systems

Filtered drinking water systems

LP gas systems

240 V power systems

Battery charges


Diesel engines

Tyres & Pressure

How to seal a water leak in the roof

How to get the best TV reception

How to fit and maintain an awning

+ Many More

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After already having been on the road for years and the fact that Craig has over 32+ years of combined experience as a licensed:



LP Gas fitter

Roof Plumber

Plant Operator

Earthworks Estimator

Earthworks contractor

Plumbing Estimator

We Thought Who Better To Provide The Following Services:

RV Inspection

RV Inspections

RV Transfer

RV Buying

RV Negotiation

RV Selling

RV Delivery

RV Delivery

Free RV Advice

Free RV Advice

Don’t Let Another Year Pass You By.
Let us Help You Get On The Road

Let us help you dispel the fears of hitting the road, so you can live your best life. Get in Touch with us today, your future self will thank you.